This is a short Howto on the installation process of Cepstral’s TTS engine and the talkinGBlogs plugin …


  • working WordPress with PHP5 and MySQL
  • writable directory (e.g. wp-speech) in wordpress root directory to store the generated wav files in
  • one of Cepstral’s synthetic voices running on your webserver (terminal access to your webspace makes configuration easier)
  • important: the PERMALINK structure in WordPress has to be set to “Date and name based”, otherwise the RSS-feed cannot be read at the moment (change it in WordPress under ‘Options’ -> ‘Permalinks’)

UPDATE! Version 1.2 of the Plugin now supports the 3 default PERMALINK structures (custom PERMALINK structures do not work at the moment because of audio file generation reasons)!

Installation of the text-to-speech engine (SWIFT):

  • install SWIFT (Cepstral’s TTS engine) on your webserver either by uploading the files manually or extracting the downloaded archive on the webserver directly
  • if you have shell access:
    • run ‘’ in the swift directory to install the TTS engine
    • run SWIFT on the webserver with the following command, to license the software (after you have purchased a valid license key):
    • $> swift –reg-voice –customer-name “John Doe” –company-name “John Does Company” –voice-name voice_name(e.g. David) –license-key “XX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX”

  • if you do not have shell access:
    • modify the files ‘swift’ and ‘cepstral-licsrv’ in swift_directory/bin so that they contain your webservers absolute paths instead of @INSTALLED_AT@
    • include the variable ‘SWIFT_VOXPATH’ which points to the ‘voices/’ directory of your SWIFT installation and export it in both scripts by adding the line ‘export SWIFT_VOXPATH’
    • important: if you upload the modified files make sure, that you upload them in ASCII mode (with an FTP program)

Installation of the plugin:

  • download the plugin from this website
  • extract the zip-archive and modify the file ‘config.php’ so that it works for your webspace
  • copy the contents to your WordPress plugins directory
  • activate the plugin in the WordPress plugins menu
  • modify the ‘index.php’ file of your template so that a link to the talkingblogs popup window appears (for example in the postmetadata part of each entry):
    • <p class=”postmetadata”>|
      <a href=”javascript:funcPopup(‘http://www.YOURURL/wp-content/plugins/talkingblogs/
      tts.php?link=<? the_permalink() ?>’)”>Speak entry</a> <strong>|</strong></p>

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