talkinGBlogs under Creative Commons License now 

I decided to put the contents on this website together with the talkinGBlogs plugin under a Creative Commons License.

This step changes the license from “all rights reserved” to “some rights reserved”.

The quality of the talkinGBlogs plugin itself will of course be as high as before!

2 Responses to “talkinGBlogs under Creative Commons License now”

  1. penny browne Says:

    Can you tell me if your plugin can voice activate both posts and comments?


  2. Arne Says:

    Hi Penny,
    With the current implementation, the plugin can only synthesize the blog’s posts.
    Comments cannot be synthesized at the moment.
    I’ve lots of work to do at the moment, so I won’t be able to extend the features of the plugin in the foreseeable future.
    But it is possible to implement such an extension of course.

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