WordPress Version 2.2 

There is a new WordPress version 2.2 (codename: Getz) out there. After switching off all the used plugins, upgrading to the new version, updating the database and switching on the plugins again, the talkinGBlogs-plugin works perfectly … No need for any code changes …

This means that you can enjoy listening to your blog entries as usual, even with the newest and most secure WordPress ever.

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  1. Tom Says:

    what is the different to talkingtext.com or talkingtext.de? it is free of charge….


  2. talkingblogs Says:

    As far as I see, the main difference is the high quality of the underlying TTS-system which talkingblogs is based on (compared to other solutions which you have mentioned before). As it is has been developed for years, it offers extremely high synthesis quality – it’s one of the best systems in the area of speech synthesis so far in my view. I am not responsible for the TTS-engine itself … In the course of an internship which I did at Cepstral in 2006 I was allowed to use the system for my WordPress-plugin – and it works perfectly with it!

    In my view another huge advantage is that this talkingblogs-plugin runs independently from any other webserver/service. You download the plugin, you download the TTS-system (which costs 29,99$ per voice – see http://www.cepstral.com/downloads/) and install both on your *own* webspace. You don’t need to register anywhere and you are not dependent on any other company (as you are when you use talkingtext as far as I see).

    This talkingblogs-plugin is no commercial system (as talkingtext might be intended to be – they already place advertisements in their synthesized blog entries – so sooner or later suspect it to get more and more commercialized). Talkingblogs was (and will be, at least in the foreseeable future) a university research project which e.g. has been presented on a linguistic conference already.

    So if you are interested in high quality speech synthesis for your own blog, you might want to try talkingblogs! Enjoy it.

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